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High-quality whips, twice transplanted and with perfect root system.


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At our tree nursery, our permanent team of professionals work passionately to grow high-quality whips. Our innovative Airpot U-system in which we grow our plants ensures the best root development. This is reflected in the growth of our saplings. This gives us an advantage that would make any tree grower happy.

Tree growers know the importance of quality better than anyone. A large proportion of our customers are nurseries that cultivate our three to four year old saplings. They benefit directly from our innovative Airpot U-system and the attention we invest in our plants.’

Meindert Crum - Crum Boomkwekerijen

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Kolff Plants BV helps tree nurseries sell their plants in various countries. The service and quality that Crum offers our shared customers is very good. What makes it successful, though, is the good relationship and the commitment that everyone gives. It’s unlike anything else. If you want a successful partnership with an avenue tree supplier, I highly recommend Crum Boomkwekerijen.’

Jaap Kolff - Kolff Plants BV

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